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Development Series: It’s all about you!

It is all about YOU and we are thrilled to provide new training classes to help you grow! We live in a world where performance value comes from the abilities to plan, organize and execute – and increasingly from the ability to lead, motivate and work with other people. TotalSource University’s Development Series courses focus on the critical skills and attitudes needed to be successful. Our goal is to help broaden your perspectives and improve your performance through a series that provides both employees and leaders with an opportunity to develop and grow their skills.

What will you learn?

The TotalSource University Development Series offers three months of courses covering popular topics in employee and leader development. These topics are divided into three sections: Tuesdays focus on Compliance; Wednesdays focus on Employee Development; and Thursdays focus on Manager Development. Each month we highlight a different theme to provide knowledge around essential tools for people wanting to achieve top performance and foster a positive and productive work environment.

􀁸 July – Communication & Influence

􀁸 August– Your Effectiveness

􀁸 September –Effectively navigating change


Employee Development
July Topic: How to Get Along, Get Noticed & Get Ahead
Success isn't just about what employees do on the job; success is also about how they go about doing it. Poor communication and ineffective teamwork can sabotage results. Communicating effectively, working well with others, staying positive and flexible in the face of change are essentials for success.
August Topic: Managing Your Own Productivity
An organization doesn’t rely solely on its managers to ensure individual and team results. Strong results depend on you to take the initiative to do your part in managing personal productivity for maximum effectiveness. Gain insights into why individual responsibility and initiative is essential to personal and team success.
September Topic: Increasing Emotional Intelligence
Often when faced with workplace challenges and obstacles, people succumb to self-defeating behaviors and negative emotions, which slow career development and diminish overall results. Learning to remain positive and keep emotions in check can build interpersonal skills and individual resiliency.

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􀁸 Generations MEET

Manager Development
July Topic: Bury My Heart in Conference Room B
If your organization seems to have more brick walls than hallways and doors, it’s time for a “totally twisted, deadly serious” look at leadership. That’s how Stan Slap, renowned speaker, author and executive coach, describes his cutting-edge take on the urgent need for managers who can meaningfully engage a cynical workforce.
August Topic: How to Lead Effective Meetings
Designed to build confidence and competence in leading effective meetings, Fearless Facilitation: How to Lead Effective Meetings will teach meeting leaders how to achieve desired results and manage relationships and processes at the same time.
September Topic: Ready. Set. CHANGE!: Reacting Smarter. Adapting Faster. Engaging Together.
As organizations change with increasing speed, so does the pace at which employees must respond. Without the skills to operate effectively through changes, employees will see their productivity decline. Ready. Set. CHANGE!™ helps employees positively and productively navigate any change..

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􀁸 Whale Done!

HR and Compliance
Did you know that HR and Compliance training is a recommended best practice in all states? An effective compliance training program is critical for success. Through these training programs, managers learn the practical information they need.

􀁸 Employment Laws, Regulations and Compliance

􀁸 Hiring: Using Behavioral Interviewing

􀁸 Performance Appraisals: Helping Employees Succeed

􀁸 Preventing Harassment for Managers and Supervisors

􀁸 Preventing Harassment for California Managers and Supervisors

To learn about joining the My TotalSource virtual classroom sessions follow these simple steps by logging in to My TotalSource at www.mytotalsource.com. From the Myself menu select TotalSource University to access the iLearn@ADP login button and you’re there!

(If you need a username and password for My TotalSource, please contact the ADP TotalSource® Employee Service Center at 800-554-1802). 

• Our virtual classroom courses are conducted using the WebEx Training Center application.
• You will need to dial into the 800 number provided for the audio portion of the training.
• Training will begin promptly at the start time listed.
• Please log in at least 5-10 minutes prior to your class, if it is your first time logging into WebEx to allow for system installation.
• You also have the option to select the self-paced courses available via iLearn@adp.com.

Exciting news! It is all about YOU and we are thrilled to provide new training classes to help you and your employees grow!

We are preparing new learning opportunities just in time for summer! In June, we will send an email that lists all of the new training sessions, to include classroom training such as The Leadership Challenge and online webinars like “How to Get Along, Get Noticed & Get Ahead” and “Ready. Set. CHANGE!™: Reacting Smarter. Adapting Faster. Engaging Together.” Look for more information on these classes and more in the next Insights and Solutions bulletin.

Check out a quick overview of The Leadership Challenge, a new program launching this summer for leaders.


ADP works continuously to enhance and simplify our online tools, and we rely on your feedback to help us. We have now implemented the most-requested enhancement to our comprehensive online training solution, iLearn@ADP: direct access from My TotalSource.

You and your employees are now able to:

• Access iLearn@ADP directly from My TotalSource without needing a separate user name or password.

• Manage all your company’s learning and development needs from one portal, with one user name and password.

It's more convenient than ever to expand knowledge and sharpen skills in the areas of leadership development, business acumen, conflict management, technical skills, effective communication and much more!

Single sign-on is here!

The easy access single sign-on began on January 10, 2014, replacing your current process for accessing iLearn@ADP.

 Follow these simple steps by logging into My TotalSource.
(If you need a user name and password, please contact the ADP TotalSource Employee Service Center at 800-554-1802.)

Using the Manager or Employee Login? From the Myself menu select TotalSource University to access the iLearn@ADP login button.

Logging in as an Administrator? Click on the HR tab and then click on TotalSource University in the left navigation menu, click on the iLearn@ADP link, and you’re there!


Email totalsource.training@adp.com.

Virtual Classroom Training

Our virtual classroom series are instructor-led courses that give
you a classroom experience with the convenience of learning
from your desk.

♦ Registration: All participants must pre-register in iLearn@ADP.
Registration closes 1 hour prior to the start of class.
♦ Participation: Only participants logged in online for the duration
of the class will receive credit for participation.
♦ Duration: These interactive courses are approximately 90
minutes in duration, unless noted otherwise.
♦ Pre-Requisites: There are no pre-requisites for attending, but
Management Development classes are designed for managerial
and supervisory level employees only.
♦ CPE Credits: Most courses qualify for 1.5 CPE credits in
Professional Development through the National Association of
State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).